130TJ3 Type High Pressure Water Jet Pump

Suitable for operating as high pressure cleaning pump, testing pump, water pump, metering pump, process pump, hydrostatic pressure pump, oil transfer pump, extraction pump, etc.

Driven Type: Electric motor & Diesel engine.

Technical data is shown for selection reference, each pump is assembled with adjusting valve to ensure safety. Pressure could be adjusted within the range.

In case that the flow rate shown in the table doesn't meet the specific requirement, user could easily adjust it through electro-magnetic speed adjusting,converter. speed adjusting or using plunger of different diameter.

Pump Body Material: Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel.


The structure diagram is as follows, the material object is the factory production.

Specification Table

The parameters are as follows. The rest are welcome to consult.

Application Fields

Widely used in various industries including Mining, Oil Gas,Construction, Railway, Vessel, Pipe Cleaning, etc.