Why choose Brilliance

①.We are Manufacturer.the grand scale of production, has 6 production plants have multiple production workshop.

②.More than 20 years experience, with professional technical team as support.

③.Holding joint venture with US JETECH.

④.Our company is the high pressure pump experimental plants, cooperation with the National Institute.

⑤.Owning many national patents and passing both ISO9001 and CE certifications.

⑥.With our own R & D Center.

⑦.The introduction of imported machinery and processing equipment, high precision, high quality production, as well as imported products accessories.

⑧.According to the customer needs and requirements, have a professional technical team to customized the most appropriate cleaning system.

⑨.We are the leading brand of national industry, innovation, quality, market share and topped the list.

⑩.Whole cleaning system solutions and complete cleaning equipment unit is avilable from us.

⑾.We produce every small parts by our own factory, thus we are solid OEM partner of several America
international famous companies for many.

⑿.We strictly enforce the development → production → sale → after-sale complete system.

⒀.Our company provides global sales and service, with language proficient talent from all regions, so that customers don't have to worry about the language barrier problems.

⒁.We warmly welcome customers to visit our factory works from around the world and provide excellent reception service.

⒂.We provide oversea installation and after-sales service, if you need to install or repair we can come.